Happy Couple, Happy Guests, Happy Wedding Day

As we covered in our Bridal Tip Tuesday this week, playing your guests favorite songs are more likely to get them moving on the dancefloor, thus making for a livelier wedding and undoubtedly better photos and video. You want your wedding guests to enjoy themselves, have fun even, but keeping true to who you are as a couple is important as well. Here are a few of our suggestions to showing your guests a good time, while allowing your personality as a couple to shine.


The Venue: Select a venue that not only allows you to create the wedding you’ve always envisioned, but that your guests will enjoy as well. When selecting the venue, keep in mind the weather. Guests don’t necessarily want to sit under the blazing, hot sun in July for your outdoor wedding or freeze their toes off for your November outdoor ceremony. If you and your fiancé envision an outdoor venue, set a date that reflects the comfort of your guests. Another way to show your individuality as a couple, is to choose a seriously cool venue. If you and your fiancé are into craft beer, try checking out a hip brewery that allows for the space needed. A unique spot has a much better draw than saying “Hotel Ballroom #2.”


The Drinks: Let’s face it, your guests have come to your reception to help you celebrate your swan dive into marriage hood. They are absolutely looking for a drink to wash down all that delicious food, but we’ll get to food in minute. Giving them a signature cocktail is another great way to keep their spirts high while incorporating your favorite drinks as well. Whether it’s wedding theme related or even named after you and your fiancé, your guests are sure to drink it up!


The Food: One of the most important things at a wedding for the guests is the food! They’ve just sat through your, likely long, vow declaring, ring exchanging, wedding ceremony. They’re stalking the buffet table like a lion on a wildebeest. They want delicious, decadent, and above all, edible. Here is another way to share your favorites with your guests. If you’re a mac and cheese connoisseur, by all means, serve the best you’ve ever eaten. However, when planning your menu, take into consideration your guests who are vegetarian, or have food allergies. An all-inclusive menu shows your guests you’re thinking of them and you appreciate the fact they’ve come to celebrate with you!


The Music: At your reception, the music is the main form of entertainment. When selecting your music list, skip on the Macarena, and opt for more fun, contemporary, tunes everyone is sure to love. Adding your guest’s favorite songs to the list will ensure they are up and twerking well into your send off!



The Wedding Favors: Your wedding favors are a great means to personalize your wedding as well. Whether it’s something simple like lip balm, mints, the ever popular koozie, or something unique like making a donation to your favorite charity in lieu of a physical favor; the possibilities here are endless! Sending your guests home with a little piece of your special day is a great way to thank them for coming.

Justin Thompson