Food for Thought

Food is still one of the most important and expensive parts of any wedding, but nowadays, the reception isn’t just limited to sit down meals and fish or chicken. Couples everywhere are getting creative with not only the food, but the way it’s presented. They’re electing to forgo formal sit down meals, and opting for a more relaxed, self-serve vibe with food and drink bars becoming the norm.


Buffets: Saving money is always at the forefront of any wedding planning. Buffets call for a limited amount of catering staff, saving money on a full wait staff to serve your guests. Allowing guests to decide on what food they want and their portion size is also cost-effective and much appreciated. Buffets also save time in that guests are able to serve themselves and are not waiting to be served one course at a time; leaving time for mingling and shaking it on the dance floor!

Food and Drink Bars: The options for food and drink bars are endless! You can choose to really showcase your personality as a couple by incorporating some of your favorite foods and drinks. A few that struck us as interesting were ones that have started to gain popularity; popcorn bars, s’mores bars, mimosa bars, even spud bars are becoming all the rage when planning a reception.


Food Presentation: Couples are using different techniques to display food at the reception as well. We’ve seen everything from sushi boats to donut walls, and everything in between! All of these little details can be incorporated to showcase your personality as a couple, which brings a little something extra to any wedding!

Justin Thompson