Recommendations, recommendations, recommendations!

Planning a wedding is hard work; if you’ve planned one in the past or are in the process of planning one, you would agree. Countless hours are spent making hard decisions, ensuring everything is perfect, and of course, finding the right people to make your vision come to life. That task, in and of itself, is one that will make you lose your mind! You Google “wedding photographers near me,” only to get five thousand results that you inevitably spend most of your day going through. THERE IS A BETTER WAY! Wedding vendors have been in the wedding business, likely, longer than you’ve been planning yours, so they know a thing or two about who does good work in their related field. So, when you pick a venue, talk to them about caterers, they either have one they use or can recommend a good one; then let your caterer lead you to your bakery, your photographer lead you to your videographer, and so on. Recommendations go a long way in this industry and people only refer the best! So let the vendor’s you’ve found already keep you from losing your mind by going through everybody’s websites, price sheets, and albums!

Here's an excellent example of how it all works: Shanteal and Whitney, below, were referred to us from their photographer, Artije Photography!

Justin Thompson