Keep in mind to set time aside!


Not only is it important for your wedding videographer to capture the events from your wedding day, but it’s also important to set aside some time to allow them to capture the little intimate moments between you and your spouse.

Throughout the day, they will be capturing shots of your ceremony and your guests, however, having that extra time allotted will allow them to capture some footage of just the two of you. Creative shots are always good to have for the editing process. Here at One Love, we focus on getting shots of you and your spouse walking and talking to each other about your big day, your hands with your new bling, some hugging and kissing footage, and the two of you just enjoying each other!

Having this extra time also gives you and your spouse a few minutes alone, without all the hustle and bustle that comes with your wedding day. You’re free to relish in the fact that you’ve just gotten married, all while someone is capturing those little moments of emotion on film.

Justin Thompson