How to choose your Music for your Wedding Video?

The key to choosing good songs for your wedding video will be in the pace of the song, how it relates to the actual feel of your wedding day, and also don't forget license ability. Be sure to partner with your videographer to assist you in choosing a great song that makes you, YOU!

Let's talk about pace for a minute! Have you ever had those teachers, conferences, or even family members that talk with such a monotone that over time you are just daydreaming and you have not heard a single word! Well, choosing a song for your Wedding Video will have the same affect if you don't consider the pace of the song. My suggestion to most people is not to pick the most romantic song they can think of, but to more focus on music that is dynamic and has good emotion to it.

Also, choose a song that goes with the actual feeling of your Wedding Day! Each Wedding has a different vibe, feeling, emotions, structure, (you get the idea!). Your Videography should provide you information or update you on the license ability for the song you choose. You can read about this information with the source below:

Justin Thompson