Wedding Videography Checklist


Your BIG day is coming and you have list everywhere. You are making sure everything is in order (because the less you have to worry about on your wedding day) the better! As you are checking each list –remember to relay any special shots you would like in your Wedding Video to your Videographer. On a side note definitely allow them to be creative with your Wedding Video (I mean that is what you are paying them for, right!?)

If necessary you can provide a checklist to your Videographer by emailing it to them. Below are some shots to consider:

Traditional Wedding Video Shots

Groom waiting at altar
Bride’s entrance
Reciting Vows
First Kiss
First Dance
Cake cutting
Bouquet Toss


Preparation Shots

“Getting Ready” shots
Exterior of Venue
Décor (such as flowers)
Groom & Ushers hanging out


The Ceremony

Father kissing bride and handing off to Groom


The Reception

Guest signing guest book
Champagne Toast
Guest enjoying cocktail hour
First dance of couple
Parent dances
Cake cutting
Bouquet Toss
Garter removal
“The Exit” at the reception

Of course these are only a few suggestions. Have a wonderful Wedding Day!

Justin Thompson