Wedding Filmmaking FAQ’s

+ How do you approach filming my wedding day?

We feel it is important to keep the mood of your wedding day peaceful, worry and stress free. From the moment we arrive, we are not only there to film your special day but also to serve you and help to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. To assist in this, we may communicate with you prior to the day and plan an organized timeline for your wedding day. This timeline will include the specific, designated moments in which we may step in and direct in order to achieve the best footage. Besides these allowed times, we will try our best to remain unobtrusive and capture your day as it happens. Our goal is to make your day feel natural to you, so we attempt to capture a lot of the candid moments, and things that are natural to you. We don’t make it seem like a big Hollywood production. We are often told by our clients that they didn’t even notice us there!

+ Do I get to select the music that’s used in my films?

It all comes down to what is legal. Just like paying sales tax, buying the license to music is so important to keep us legal and to keep us in good standing with music providers and Federal copyright laws. Buying a song from iTunes and using it, as a music track for your wedding film is highly illegal and can come with very hefty fines and penalties. We have 5 online sources (The Music Bed, SongFreedom, Triple Scoop Music, SoundStripe and Marmoset Music) where we license our music and they’re all outstanding!

+ Can we meet before my wedding?

Of course, we would love to meet you before the wedding face to face! It’s great to get to know our couple prior to the wedding as it puts everyone at ease with each other, which in turn creates a natural beautiful film.

+ How long will my wedding film be?

Our productions vary in length dependent upon the package you select, as well as the length of your ceremony and other events that take place on your day. We are not able to guarantee a length, as the event has not been filmed yet.

+ Do you have multiple events on the same day?

Currently, we are able to accommodate multiple weddings per day.

+ Who will be present to film my wedding day?

You will meet the wedding filmmakers assigned to your day before your wedding. We would like everyone to get to know each other prior to the big day!

+ Do you have backup wedding filmmakers on call and back up equipment?

We always have backup wedding filmmakers and equipment on call and ready to go for every wedding, whether we have one event that day or when we are fully booked.

+ Do you film things other than weddings?

Our sister company, Captivate Media, films for businesses, corporations, organizations and more. They produce television spots, marketing campaigns, and internal videos for companies.

+ Why does it take so long to get my film back?

After a typical wedding day where we are on location(s) 8 – 10 hours we’ll end up with 100-200 Gigabytes of footage. That equates to around 2-3 hours of continuous footage per camera, 300-500 video clips and 2-6 audio sources. So going through and organizing all of the footage, synching audio to the ceremony and each reception event, putting your wedding footage together to re-create your wedding day, sourcing music, color correction and grading all can take up to 40-60+ hours over the course of 3-6 months. So you see wedding cinematography by One Love Productions is so much more than showing up, pressing record, and handing you over a tape, a great amount of time goes into editing.

+ Do you use lights to film if our wedding is at night?

We try not to use artificial lights wherever possible as it ruins the ambiance of the venue and guest can feel uncomfortable, but if the venue is extremely dark we do use very discreet lighting.

+ If my package comes with a drone, will the drone pilot be certified/licensed and insured to operate a drone on my wedding day?

Rest assured, the drone operator on your wedding day has been professionally trained and is fully licensed and insured to operate a drone on your wedding day. They are the Remote Pilot in Command and will follow FAA regulations and guidelines while operating. If there are flight restrictions in the area, the drone will not be flown.